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Khmer Sight Foundation


Weʼre raising money to eliminate reversible blindness in Cambodia

I am proud to be the Mission lead for Khmer Sight Foundation (KSF) taking place in Jan 2024. Khmer Sight Foundation’s mission is to eliminate avoidable blindness in Cambodia and they have been active since 2015. They have done this by collaborating with experts all over the world who have taken time out of their busy lives to come and provide Ophthalmic services in Cambodia.

Cambodia is a very deprived country with majority of people living below poverty line. During my first visit I realised that the country has a strong desire and passion to rise above the atrocities and their dark past. Recovering from this depravity, a vast majority of people are still living with irreversible blindness and do not have access to eye care.

I along with a team of 12 ophthalmic practitioners and many local volunteers are aiming to conduct this mission by going to villages to screen around 500-1000 people, bring them to main centre at The Clinic 71a, 240 Preah Ang Phanavong St. (240), Sangkat Chaktomukh Khan Daun Penh, Phnom Penh, Cambodia and then to treat close to 200-250 patients over a period of 7 days working around 80 hours. We shall perform a detailed Ophthalmic assessment, refraction, provide glasses, offer eye surgery for Pterygium, cataract , retinal assessments and post operative guidance and care.

We shall also support Khmer Sight Foundation, which is also addressing preventable blindness through education; both by training the next generation of eye care health professionals in Cambodia, and through educating everyone to prevent future problems.

The funds I raise will support me and the team who are giving their precious time and support in costs for travel, accommodation, equipment, overhead costs of running a mission, food of patients and volunteers, surgical instruments.

With help from people like you, it is possible to make a difference.

I end this request by a quote from Martin L King Jr “Every man/woman must decide whether he/she will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of the destructive selfishness”. We all choose to walk on this selfless path and hope that with your support we shall achieve all that we aim to offer to Cambodia.

I am raising money (£10,000) to eliminate reversible blindness in Cambodia with my team and your financial support will go a long way in making this mission a reality.

You can contact me for any further questions.

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